Currently, both teachers are full, other than for students who may be on a home-school schedule. WAIT LISTS are available for Summer and Fall of 2020.

Policies of LAPS apply to students of both teachers. Parents of prospective students should read the STUDIO POLICY in advance of setting an interview with either teacher and be able to agree to the policy. Please use the studio contact of abiquiumusic@gmail.com for either instructor to set an interview time. No fee or obligation is charged for the Interview Lesson.

                       Los Alamos Piano Studio Policy (Updated January 2019) Both Dr. Madeline and Dr. Patti are proud members of: MTNA (Music Teachers National Assoc.), PMTNM (Professional Music Teachers Assoc of NM), National GuiLD, and the LAMTA (Los Alamos Music Teachers Assoc.),  LAC Business License CRS ID 03-114073-004 3250 Trinity Drive, Suite C Los Alamos, NM 87544 I.  OUR Personal and Professional Pledge to you: To bring teaching passion, energy, expertise and professionalism to every lesson. To motivate and challenge each student to achieve the best of her/his ability. To always teach to the highest standards and ethics of the profession.  II.  Music Training and Piano Instruction: Learning the piano is a long-term process: Like any journey it has many high points along the way. But all interesting journeys also have challenges that require parental support and encouragement. Therefore, consistency in taking a weekly lesson and daily, supervised practicing at home are what result in real progress. Parents should always attend the lesson during the first 2-4 years of study. After that, please attend periodically, at least once monthly. Students need to have an Acoustic Piano.  If you own an electronic/digital piano when beginning, we will work with you with recommendations for securing a suitable instrument within 1 semester of beginning study.  Studying on a "real" piano is absolutely essential to gain the most from our professional instruction.   III. Studio Policy: You “own” your specified lesson time. Once a student is accepted into the studio, we all agree that it is a commitment on both of our parts for one full year (August through May OR January - December). Should lessons be discontinued before the end of that 1-year period of time, no fees will be refunded. Any remaining balance for the term-of-study will be due upon an early termination, unless it is by mutual agreement.  Note: The exception to this is if a family should have to relocate outside the Los Alamos region within the year. In that instance, any remaining term balance for the upcoming, unstarted term shall not apply, as long as 30 days NOTICE has been given.  Otherwise, the remainder of that particular SEMESTER shall be due on termination if no advance notice is given. Lessons will start and end at your assigned time. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that your student can “warm up” in the Practice Room and be fully ready for the lesson with her/his books, materials, etc. If you arrive late for your lesson--or if conferences take place during the lesson--the lesson time will be shortened by that amount of time as another student’s lesson will need to begin at their scheduled time. Students need to practice daily. Practice sessions should be supervised by the parent in order to help in continually reinforcing the goals of the lessons. After 7-8 Introductory lessons, beginning students should establish practice sessions of 30 minutes daily, six days a week (it can be two, 15-min. sessions each day). For Early Intermediate level students—in their 2nd or more year of study—practicing a minimum of 45 minutes on a daily basis is required. Again, practice may be divided during the day. For the student doing more advanced repertoire (Bach, Scarlatti, Clementi, Mozart, Schumann, Chopin), 60 minutes daily minimum are required. Students who are entering competitions --with advanced repertoire such as Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, 21st Century composers -- should be able to devote themselves to practicing two hours daily in preparation for time periods of up to a month leading up to such special events. Remember, practicing is a discipline that has to be developed: Set a regular practice time. Don’t expect that the student will automatically practice “on his/her own.” Encouragement and setting clear expectations are important. Try to follow the instruction and practice suggestions that you observe at each of your child's lesson. The lesson is learning how to learn. The parent needs to be able to supervise and follow those practice suggestions at home.  SUMMER Study is a requirement for all students.  Each student is expected to study weekly throughout the summer as long as s/he is in town. A minimum of 5 lessons must be taken by all students (unless the student is out of the country or has other unusual circumstances). This assures continuity and retention-and-reinforcement of what we have been doing all year and allows for greater forward progress. NOTE: Students planning for fall competitions should take a full summer course of the 8, 1-hour lessons. (Multiple lessons may be needed in a week if doing Fall Honors Competition.)   IV. Tuition Payment Rates: $70 an hour. (45 minute lessons are for Begining young students Only--age 6 or below or teacher discretion-- and are $55 per lesson. After two semesters of study, the student will be moved into an hour lesson.) Additional lessons that may sometimes be required -- and given beyond the weekly lesson in the semester’s invoice -- shall be billed additionally at the same rate. (Typically, this would be due to the additional preparation that is often necessary for competitions, music camp auditions, video recordings, or other auditions, etc.) Invoices are sent by E-Mail prior to the beginning of each term of study in Fall and Spring and prior to the first lesson in Summer. Payment: Your semester's tuition is DUE IN FULL at the first lesson of the semester, as well as for any Music Purchased OR Entry Fees that may apply. Tuition is subject to RIO ARRIBA county tax of 6.875% Summer Session: the full (100%) amount of tuition is also due at the first lesson. Make all checks payable to: 1) Los Alamos Piano Studio (for Dr. Madeline) OR 2) Patricia Wood (for Dr. Patti) Check with your Tax Advisor to see if your child’s tuition may be deductible.  V.  Missed Lesson Policy: Lessons missed for any reason — or cancelled -- are NOT-refundable and do not receive a Make Up lesson. A makeup lesson will be given only at the teacher’s discretion, dependent on a) teacher availability and b) student need. However, you may EXCHANGE in ADVANCE with another student’s lesson time if necessary. Parents need to arrange that themselves in advance with the other parents and then  have the exchange approved with the teacher. A lesson missed by your teacher (for Illness, Snow day, or an unanticipated professional performance/activity) that has not already been designated in your Term Invoice WILL be: 1) given a make-up lesson if possible, OR 2) in lieu of a make-up lesson, will be CREDITED to your next semester's invoice. Built into the fee schedule and the “no-makeup policy” are numerous additional hours of un-reimbursed professional support provided for each student: Attending their performances; being at their competitions and adjudications for full days without pay; Travel/hotel expenses for those events; Studio Recital days with travel and preparation; recital space rental and program printing and tableware/beverages, etc.; preparing PEP, GUILD, and Competition ENTRY FORMS and the full days given to those events without payment; taking leave-without-pay for concertizing or attending professional conferences at our own expense; Professional Dues to multiple organizations so that your student has the widest range of opportunities both State-wide and Nationally; providing regular "Piano Club" or "Performance Class" enrichment opportunities on selected times throughout the semester.  VI. REQUIRED Studio Recitals take place in December and May for all students in the studio. All students of LAPS  will participate in:  1. Both Studio Recitals; 2. NM State PEP Evaluations; and 3. National GUILD Auditions, two distinguished-and-graded, progressive programs of advancement of accomplishment. Additionally, The  PMTNM  DISTRICT HONORS Competition takes place in fall term with a PREVIEW RECITAL required for all participating students. Spring term, the SANTA FE SONATA Contest, the DENNIS ALEXANDER CONTEST in Albuquerque and the ALBUQUERQUE CONCERTO COMPETITION are also available for interested, qualified students. Additional FEES are required for all events, other than the Studio Recitals. For the LAMTA MUSICALE Recitals, each student is required to pay a $5 performance fee to LAMTA.  However, any Family who has made a Donation of at least $50 to LAMTA may have all students perform without further charge throughout the calendar year.  VII. Communication: Dr. Madeline is readily available through E-mail for any/all questions regarding practicing, music, assignments, challenges, personal communication, or needed clarification on communicaton. Dr. Patti is most easily reached by her home phone in early mornings. Piano is a TEAM effort-- between teacher, student, and parents--so good communication, respect, honesty and trust are the solid foundation for your child’s piano success. --Dr. Madeline Williamson and Dr. Patricia Wood.  I acknowledge having read the above studio policy and agree to all the terms and conditions of this contractual agreement in order for my child to study in LAPS. I understand that these terms shall remain in effect per each semester of the academic year until conclusion of my student’s study with Los Alamos Piano Studio. My acceptance of the above Studio Policy and subsequent enrollment of my child in Los Alamos Piano Studio shall constitute my acceptance of the entire Studio Policy.”